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The Central Library of the Valka municipality accepts readers in the futureYou can exchange books and journals in the library. It is not possible touse publicly available computers, including closed reading rooms.


The Valka Library invites visitors:

  • To shorten your stay in the library, book books before visiting the libraryusing an electronic catalog, e-mail valkasbiblioteka@valka.lv or phone 64723672, 29136199


  • To be able to order books, extend the deadline, see your data on books issued and ordered, you must be a library reader and be asked to create reader authorization data, user name and password, in your subscription.


If you have already registered but you have not been granted authorization, you can also receive it in your e-mail by writing to valkasbiblioteka@valka.lv.


When entering library rooms, wear a face protection mask, carry out hand disinfection;


Be socially responsible and keep two metres distance;


Assess his or her state of health and not visit the library if the person hassymptoms of respiratory infectious disease, as well as if the person has been required to comply with self-isolation, domestic quarantine or strict insulation conditions.

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