County research

In the county stock:


Books, booklets, photo albums, audiovisual and other types of materials regarding the municipalities of Valka, Smiltene and Strenči, as well as works written by the locals.


The newspaper “Ziemeļlatvija” (“North Latvia”) sets from 1945 to our days, as well as the newspaper “Valkas Novada vēstis” (“Valka County news”).


Film Materials purchased from the Latvian National Archives about Valka–Valga: Life and history of both countries, various institutions and residents of the cities.


Games for and around Valka county:



As well as games with the sorting of poetry lines that Arturs Goba mixed up and the recognition of the names of the Ērģeme.


In the County research database:


Photographic materials and information on publications and books about Valka, Valka municipality, prominent landlords and major events.


Valka municipality in the LNB digital library:

Historical photos of Valka – in collection

Newspapers “Valkas Balss” (”Valka Voice) (1928-1929), “Mūsu Zeme” (“Our Earth”) (1945-1953) and the “Darba Karogs” (“Flag of Work”) (1953-1989).


Publications about Valka are also available in other sources in;


The information can also be found in the National bibliography analytic database.


The newspaper “Ziemeļlatvija” (“North Latvia”) (1925-1940) should be searched on the Europeana portal.


In the county research room, thanks to readers' gifts, it is possible to look at certain numbers of the newspaper „Jaunākās Ziņas” (“The News”), the journal „Austrums” (“The East”), “Domas” (“Thoughts”), „Atpūta” (“Leisure”), „Sējējs” (“Seeder”), „Mazpulks”  (“Little Regiment”) that came out in the period up to the 1940’s.