Library Conditions

The regulations for the use of the library have been approved by the Valka municipality council on 26 November 2009. Meeting protocol No 9, 35. §

Amended on 30 October 2014. Meeting protocol No 15.

Changes in working time according to Order No 72-v of the Executive Director of the Valka Municipality Council (17.09.2018.).



1.      The user of the library shall be any legal or individual person who uses the Library Services.

2.      Users shall be registered in the Library by producing a passport or other personal identification document with a personal code.

3.      Users under the age of 16 shall be registered in the library by producing a personal identification document and the written consent of one of the parents.

4.      The library employees undertake to ensure the protection of the submitted personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Data Protection of Individual Persons.

5.      When changing the last name, life, or workplace, the user must notify the Library on a regular visit.

6.      The basic services provided by the library are free of charge.

7.      21 days period for the use of published books and other documents; 7 days for periodicia (21 days for children's literature), 3 days for high-demand books.

8.      At the same time, no more than 6 printed publications (Children's literature department– 7) or other documents can be issued.

9.      Library users with movement, visual and other disabilities have the right to receive Library Services at their residence.

10.  The user may not carry out anything from the Library if he has not drawn up with the librarian.

11.  If the user cannot replace the lost or damaged printed matter or other document, he or she must reimburse the value thereof in cash, in accordance with the prices indicated in the library's accounting documents.

12.  A library user who does not comply with the rules for the use of the Library may be banish from the premises of the Library. Ask the librarian for the full text of the conditions of use.



Procedures for the Public Use of Computers, Internet and Generally Available Electronic Information Resources in the Central Library of the Valka Municipality


1. These Regulations prescribe the procedures by which visitors use computers, the Internet and the generally available resources of electronic information in the Library.

2. Every visitor with basic knowledge of using your computer can become an Internet user.

3. Users in the Library can book a working station for a specific time by logging in personally to a librarian or by calling a phone 64722965.

4. Duration time of the working session 1 hour. If a user uses a computer for training or working purposes, the time may be extended in agreement with the librarian.

5. By delaying more than 10 minutes from the reserved time, the user loses the right to use the computer at the reserved time.

6. In working days, you can use computers:

1.Adult Users: Monday 9.00 - 19.00; Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00

2. Pupils: Monday 13:00 - 19:00; Tuesday - Friday 13:00 - 18:00

3.On Saturdays, all users 9:00 - 14:00

7. To use the authorized databases provided by the Library, the user must contact the Library employee.

8. The user of the library shall comply strictly with the safety, electrical safety, fire protection rules of the work:

1. not to switch the plug on the net again;

2. to avoid the possibility of various metallic articles entering the apparatus (clips, staples, etc.);

3. to avoid touching electrical cables, their connections, plugs, sockets, computer parts connecting wires, etc.;

4. it shall be necessary to terminate the work and to inform the Library employee thereof;

5. do not work with damaged hardware.

9. The user must follow the computer and immediately notify the Library employee of any damage and program failures.

10. At the end of the job, the user must close all programs that are in use, arrange the workplace, and apply to the Library employee.

11. Files created by the user in standard programs may be stored with the agreement of the Library employee.

12. Users are forbidden to:

1. to turn on or off a computer, to plug in or unlock any computer equipment, to restart the computer when it is impaired;

2. change computer's configuration or install programs.

3. unauthorised copying and transfer of software;

4. use and damage files stored by other users without authorisation;

5. to be on a computer with foodstuffs;

6. make a sound, talk loudly with each other or on a mobile phone or otherwise interfere with the work of other users or employees;

7. to be on a computer with more than 2 users at the same time, in exceptional cases, there may also be several people in agreement with the Library employee;

8. play violent computer games.

13. While using the user must respect the generally accepted ethical principles, prohibit visiting Internet links which are not intended to be viewed in public places (e.g. pornographic, anti-violence links, etc.).

14. When using personal media (CD, diskettes, USB equipment, digital cameras, etc.), inform the Library employee about it.

15. Prints and scanning can be performed by the user in agreement with the Library employee.

16. In case of confusion, the user should refer to the Library employee.

17. The user shall cover material losses incurred by the Library as a result of his or her activities.

18. A user loses the rights to use computers for a limited period of time if they violate these terms of use. The decision shall be taken by the librarian.