E-BOOK Library

 “3td E-BOOKS library” is a service that offers registered users of the Central Library of Valka county (and other municipal public libraries) to read e-books online on a mobile device or computer for free.




You are logged in to the www.3td.lv site, where you want to choose the “Sign up” option in the top bar of your home page. Registration consists of two steps:


  • User data check in the library

In this step, you must select a regional library catalog from the list to which the user is registered and enter the public directory user name and password assigned by the library so that the system can verify that the user is registered in one of the common catalog libraries. If the user has not been assigned a user name or is forgotten, contact your library.


  • Registration of a new user

After a successful user name and password check, the system displays the personal data recorded in the library. In this step, you must enter a valid e-mail address that will continue to be used as a user name in the “3 td e-BOOK library” and a new password to connect to your “3 td e-BOOK library” account. The system will send notifications and reminders related to using the “3 td e-BOOK library” to the e-mail address you entered.


After you have successfully entered the registration information, the system sends the activation link to the e-mail address you entered. If the sent link is opened in the browser, the system activates the created user and can start using the “3 td e-BOOK library” functions of the authorized user.




Authorizing is done by selecting the “Enter” option in the top bar of the home page. In this section, you must enter an e-mail address and password that the user registered with in the “3 td e-BOOK library”.


IMPORTANT: Reading an e-book is not available to a reader who has not returned all the books issued in his library in time!