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With the book, you live through interesting events, discover new facts, get excited with experiments, and make the most delicious cake!


The Children's Literature Department of the Central Library of Valka municipality offers to prepare a set of books on a specific topic for the use of books for cognitions, teaching and recreation in kindergarten groups. Time to use books as needed.


Giving the child the opportunity to see the diversity of books is the basis for an interest in reading, encouraging reading, the spirit of newfound and a rich child's vocabulary.


To sign up for and receive a set of books, write or call librarian Una Grave (email: una.grave@valka.lv, mobile: 28382892).


Reading literature is a learnable and evolving skill for humans. Not to tolerate it, both in the educational process and in the process of carrying out a variety of daily works throughout their lives, in order to obtain information, to assess it for speaking and expressing their thoughts and needs.


Reading literature at an early age is one of the most important skills: it is the basis for learning and developing everything else.


The lesson includes a variety of activities talking, listening, thinking, collaboration, playing, practical and creative. Children will be encouraged to participate in the LNB Children's Literature Centre's Reading Programme, Children, Youth and Parents Jury.



Children's Mornings takes place on the third Saturday of each month from 11:00 to 12:00. It is a particularly prepared lesson on a particular topic within an hour in which our youngest visitors look, listen and feel the literary, artistic and cultural world.


These events bring children (as well as their families) into the library, where there are extensive and meaningful leisure facilities books, magazines, table games, artworks, talks, playing.


In the darkest time of the year, in November, the Nordic Literature Week takes place, when a number of thousands of public and school libraries in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States are lighting candles at the same time and reading a jointly chosen book.


Nordic Literature Week is a project administered in the Nordic countries by the Society Norden Association (Foreningen Norden Forbund), while in Latvia, the Office of the North Council of Ministers, in cooperation with the Latvian National Library's Children's Literature Centre.


Read more of the Nordic Literature Week on the website of the project.




The Latvian Safer Internet Centre has been running since 2006, educating and informing the public about the safety of children on the Internet and ensuring the possibility of reporting detected offences on the Internet.


More than 170 countries around the world are celebrating the World Safer Internet Day (DID), inviting everyone to think about how we each care about our security on the Internet and what our contribution is to creating a better Internet environment.


The Latvian Safer Internet Centre organizes activities involving children, young people and adults, for which you can find in the DID2021 NEWS EDITION.


The tradition of the Children's Literature Department of Valka NCB is to organize reading-related activities for children in summer, in which to listen, learn, read and act enthusiastically.


At every Thursday of July 2017, summer cartoons with tasks.


In 2018, participation in the project Our Little Library with summer lessons Me, You, Her's and His. Here's a lovely book."


In 2019, creative Fridays, together with the journal Little Bird (a monthly article for Latvian children in exile).


In 2020, in creative lessons on July Tuesdays, along with a cloud for Pixolo - the magazine's children, the protagonist.


The What's a Library? game is a question game for Class 3 pupils about the Library of Valka, the structure of the library and interesting facts.


Insight into children's books (and other resources)

Working in databases and searching for information

Educational lessons on EU topics (in cooperation with ESIP Valka)

Lessons of poetry days

Lessons on safe and meaningful Internet use

European Languages Day quiz for Class 4 pupils

Lessons for pre-school students

Lessons for pre-school students at School