Men, take care of yourself!

From March 1st to April 30th, at The Central Library of Valka municipality You can visit an exhibition titled "Charitable Calendar: Men, Live!".


At the end of the global men's health month, the Latvian urologist association comes up witha unique black-and-white photograph charity project – a calendar for 2021, which aims to promote early diagnosis of prostate cancer. It perpetuates men known in society who break stereotypes with their message that real men do not go to the doctor and tell them what the term “masculinity” actually means. The author of photographs is one of the most known photographers in Latvia – Gatis Rozenfelds. The proceeds from the sale of the calendar, in cooperation with the "Latvijas Lauku ģimenes ārstu asociācija" and Ziedot.lv, will help the gentlemen in the regions of Latvia who cannot afford to pay for the necessary prostate cancer diagnostic examinations.


Men of different occupations and ages are on the calendar: World stage beach volleyball player Edgars Točs, actor of the New Riga Theatre, “Spēlmaņu nakts” winner Kaspars Znotiņs, philosopher, RSU associate professor Vents Sīlis, conductor, teacher in Riga, founder and long-term director of Doma choir School Janis Erenštreits, Director of Rima Riga Marathon, Director of Nords Event Communications, founder of the champagne festival Riga Wine & Champagne Aigars Nords, chef of the Chefs' Home in Ligatna, chef Ēriks Dreibants, radio and TV personality Valdis Melder, theologian, psychologist, pastor lecturer Indulis Paičs, musician Markuss Riva, urologist, head of RAKUS Urology Clinic, Asoc. Prof. Vilnis Lietuvietis, as well as urologists Dr. Alvis Laukmanis and Dr. med. Juris Plonis.


The exhibition is supplemented by books and magazine articles about prostate diseases and their treatments.



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